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With over 1 million connected users and a network of over 3,100 pharmacies, MedAdvisor can help you reach patients with your health interventions nationwide.

Infographic linking interventions to users via MedAdvisor

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The Power of MedAdvisor

Adherence to common medications*

Educate patients prescribed
your medication

MedAdvisor is the number one medication hub for Australians living with a chronic illness. With over 1 million connected users, you can reach patients with targeted messages and support them to improve their health.


Improve long-term adherence to your medications by 30%+

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Run digital disease awareness campaigns to educate patients

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Pharmacist Interventions

Find more patients on your medication and help them understand their condition

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Talk to your HCPs digitally

Communicate with Pharmacists effectively and avoid distracting your medical representatives.

Share supply updates or promote your product listing to the MedAdvisor network of over 3,100 pharmacies.

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Recruit patients for your clinical trials

A fast and cost effective way to improve awareness for your clinical trials and recruit suitable patients.

Quickly reach your target patients with recruitment messages and receive screened details for participants within one week.

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Uncover insights about your therapy area

Ask key questions of patients using your medication or product to help improve their experience or plan your activities.

Target patients by drug or therapy area and receive results within two weeks.

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