PlusOne by MedAdvisor Resources

What is MedAdvisor?

Learn about the benefits of MedAdvisor.

If you're new, find out how MedAdvisor can Strengthen Your Pharmacy Business, form connections with patients and increase dispense volume.

If you'd like to proceed to purchase a MedAdvisor subscription, proceed to the Subscription process.

Getting Started

Your Quick Start Guide and Instant Sign Up information.

If you've recently had MedAdvisor activated at your pharmacy, download our Quick Start Guide and watch our Instant Sign-Up video to find out how you can easily sign up a patient via MedAdvisor.

Resources and Support

Obtain marketing material to promote to patients.

If you require in-store (paid and free) marketing material (such as flyers, posters, window features and counter mats), please visit the new Promotional Store.

You can also download Electronic Promotional Material for use in advertising and in-store devices.

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