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Access, approve and print scripts securely online

GP Connect is a service for pharmacists and prescribers to manage owing scripts for aged care, DAA and private facility patients

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“GP Connect has definitely made life very easy, I use it for 150+ requests per month. In the old days, I had to work through every patient and work out which is owing.”

- Dr Aru Moodley, Dianella WA

How it works

Step 1. Pharmacist sends a list of owing scripts to the GP

Step 2. GP receives notification of new scripts to approve

Step 3. GP logs in to GP Connect to review, approve and print scripts

Step 4. GP passes the scripts to the pharmacist

Print all scripts directly from the web

Once you have reviewed and approved scripts requested by the pharmacy you can print them all directly onto your prescription paper to save time.

Filter Scripts by type

Filter all the scripts you see by time, type, authority or the pharmacy requesting them.

This allows you to easily prioritise and manage differing scripts.

Download a receipt of scripts

Download a receipt of scripts and append to your patient notes to ensure you have a record.