MedAdvisor Data, Privacy and Security

  FAQs for Pharmacies

Data privacy and security

  • MedAdvisor takes privacy and security of all personal, health and medical data very seriously and operates in accordance with all privacy laws, including the Privacy Act 1988 and the Notifiable Data Breaches Privacy Amendment Act 2017.
  • As an ASX listed company (ASX:MDR) MedAdvisor is required, as a matter of law, to abide by strict corporate governance rules and guidelines. Visit our Investor Centre to learn more. 
  • MedAdvisor uses a copy of relevant pharmacy data for the purpose of providing the MedAdvisor service. Using the MedAdvisor service does not change the ownership rights of patient or pharmacy data.
  • MedAdvisor follows best practices to store data in high quality data centres located in Australia.
  • In keeping with our Pharmacy License Agreement, End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, MedAdvisor will NEVER share identifiable pharmacy with ANY third party without the consent of the pharmacy, or identifiable patient data with ANY third party without the consent of the patient.


Direct-to-user communications

  • Improving the health of Australians through increased adherence and Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) is a key priority for MedAdvisor.
  • When users register for the MedAdvisor service, they agree to the End User License Agreement. This enables MedAdvisor, from time to time, to provide relevant medication and disease management information specific to the user. This may include drug recalls, training tips and advice on the use of prescription medications to reinforce counselling points provided by the pharmacist and prescriber etc. (See Image 1)
  • These communications may also be sent via SMS to users registered for the MedAdvisor SMS reminder service, which may include a link to additional content.
  • This feature is included free of charge as part of the MedAdvisor service. These communications have shown to further improve adherence by an additional 10%, leading to better health outcomes.
  • Users can opt-out of such communications at any time, however the opt-out rates are very low (generally less than 1%).
  • Details of direct-to-user communications, including the ability to view messages and any optional components of the messages are available in the Health Services Hub of PlusOne.

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Unsubscribing from the MedAdvisor service

  • When a pharmacy unsubscribes from the MedAdvisor service, no further pharmacy data will be shared with MedAdvisor for any purpose.
  • The pharmacy will have 60 days to plan and implement a migration approach to ensure any current users will continue to receive a similar (or other) service without disruption.
  • Users who are connected with a pharmacy that has unsubscribed from the MedAdvisor service will no longer receive updates to their medication profile from that pharmacy. Medication reminders and any other notifications/messages will cease once existing medications are completed. Past dispense history will remain as part of the user’s profile.
  • When the user accesses their MedAdvisor account, they will be advised the service is no longer available at their favourite pharmacy (see Image 2). MedAdvisor does not proactively communicate any suggestion or direction for the user to switch pharmacies. 
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