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Pay In Advance

Pay In Advance 

To further enhance the convenience offered through the MedAdvisor App, this new feature allows you to pay when placing your order.

When placing your Tap-To-Refill order, which can include prescription and OTC/NDSS items, you now have the option to Pay in Advance or Pay at Pharmacy.

You will need to add your payment details in the App. These details will be stored to facilitate faster ordering in the future for you.

Once your order is placed, your pharmacist will receive it and enter the price of the items before completing your order.

At this point, your credit card will be charged and you will be notified of the price.

Confirm Payment Method:  you have the opportunity here to Pay in Advance or Pay At Pharmacy


Confirm Payment Method


Order Summary 


Upon collection of your order in the pharmacy, you will receive your receipt for your purchase.

Please note, if you can't see the option to pay in advance this may be because your favourite pharmacy hasn't enabled this feature at the moment. 

If you have any further questions, please contact your pharmacy or the MedAdvisor customer support team at 

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