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NDSS and Diabetes Support



MedAdvisor in collaboration with Diabetes Australia, now supports the ordering of Diabetes products and management of your National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) service. NDSS is an initiative of the Australian Government administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia. The NDSS is a service provided to deliver diabetes related products to those living with diabetes.

MedAdvisor’s NDSS feature allows people living with diabetes to order their consumable products and ensure accurate supply in pharmacy.

This guide will outline how to enable and use MedAdvisor's NDSS features for your account on your mobile app. You do not need to enable this feature if you do not have diabetes or if you are not caring for someone with diabetes. The steps you see below are also applicable with the browser version of MedAdvisor.

Enabling NDSS and Diabetes Features to Your MedAdvisor Account

To enable NDSS and Diabetes Features support for your MedAdvisor account you will need to have your NDSS number handy.

  1. Go to Settings on your mobile MedAdvisor app. Select NDSS & Diabetes Settings
  2. Tap on the switch to change it from OFF to ON
  3. Enter your NDSS number into the text field next to your name
  4. Click Save

A new section called My NDSS Products will now appear on the Home screen under your prescription medications. This is where your NDSS and Diabetes products will appear when you add them to your account.

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Adding NDSS or Diabetes Products

Using the browse or search function to add NDSS or Diabetes products

Follow these steps to add diabetes related products to your account:

  1. On the Home screen click Add NDSS or Diabetes Product
  2. Search for the product you would like to add using the Search bar or Browse in the categories displayed.
  3. Once you have selected your product, set how long a packet will usually last you and if you would like to receive refill reminders when you're running low on supply. If supply is set to Varies MedAdvisor cannot remind you to order more of your items when you are running low on supply.
  4. Click Add Product and the item will be added to your MedAdvisor account
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Using the Barcode Scanner

(Mobile App Only) Coming Soon

The barcode scanner allows you to add your NDSS and diabetes products to your account by simply scanning the products barcode.

The scanner can be used by following these steps:

  1. Go to the MedAdvisor Home screen
  2. Scroll down to My NDSS Products
  3. Click Add NDSS or Diabetes Product
  4. Click Scan Barcode
  5. Now use the camera on your phone to scan your products barcode; this will take you to that item's entry in the app.

  6. Now click Add Product to add this item to your account

If your product's barcode scans but does not find your product, please contact MedAdvisor Support with the product's name and details or try searching using the search bar or browsing categories.

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Setting up reminders for your NDSS products

When you add an NDSS product to your account you can set up Take-My-Meds reminders for it.

These are helpful notifications that you can set up to remind you to use your health products. To learn more click here.

Tap-To-Refill Orders

When you are placing a Tap-To-Refill order you can now include your NDSS and Diabetes products in the order.

This is done in much the same way as prescription medications.

  1. Find the NDSS/Diabetes item that you would like to order and click the check box on the right of its entry.
  2. (Only NDSS/Diabetes products which are already on the home screen will be available to order in the Tap-To-Refill Cart. To order other products please first add them on your home screen)

    Unlike prescription medications you will be given the option to request multiple packets of this product in your order.

  3. After you have chosen how many packets of the product you would like to order select any other items you would like to include and click Place Order

When an order for NDSS products that you have set the Supply Per Packet or Daily Dose for is processed by your pharmacy, your current supply will automatically update.

Some products, like insulin pump consumables, may take up to 3 business days before they are ready to collect.

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