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MedAdvisor Version 3.2

MedAdvisor 3.2 was released on the 11th of February, 2015.

MedAdvisor 3.2 includes a number of new features and enhancements to assist you in managing your medication more effectively, including Snap-n-Send.


The new Snap-n-Send feature allows you to attach photos of new scripts to Tap-to-Refill orders.

Therefore anyone using the Apple and Android MedAdvisor apps can now send an electronic copy of their new script(s) from their doctor as part of Tap-To-Refill orders. This feature may be used to order both new and existing medication (i.e. when you have 0 repeats remaining)

Please note if you attach script photos to orders, you must present the paper script (photographed) to the pharmacist in order to collect your medication(s).

The steps required to attach a photo are described below. Your pharmacy will need to support Snap-n-Send in order to use this functionality.

The Tap-To-Refill screen now contains the Snap-n-Send section, as shown below.

Tapping on the Take Photo button will activate the device camera and you can take and review a photo of the script, as shown below.

The photo will then be attached to the order. This step can be repeated if you have more than one script to attach.

To double check or review the photo, tapping on it will display the full-screen image, as shown below.

You can use a pinch gesture, or the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, and swipe motions, or the arrowpad at the top to move around the preview pane.

If you are not satisfied with the image, you can tap the Delete button at the top, right hand corner to remove the photo from the order.

Once all photos have been attached you can also tick any other Tap-To-Refill medication(s), if required and submit by tapping the Place Order button, as normal.

On submitting the order, you will be prompted to present the paper script when collecting the order, as shown below.

MedAdvisor Menu in Android

The MedAdvisor Menu within the Android version of the application has been re-designed, in line with the most recent Android design specifications.

The menu is displayed either by tapping on the menu button (top, left hand corner of the screen) or by dragging your finger across from the left hand side of the screen, as depicted with the red arrows below.

The screenshot below shows the new look menu.

Other Changes

  • New speech bubbles have been added to the Home screen.
  • MedAdvisor now has the ability to broadcast TGA Safety Information Alerts.
  • General improvements have been made to the formatting of medication brand names.
  • Various general bug corrections and performance improvements.