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MedAdvisor Version 3.0

MedAdvisor 3.0 was released on the 30th of July 2014.

MedAdvisor 3.0 includes a number of new features and enhancements to assist you in managing your medication more effectively.

Enhanced Take-My-Meds

There have been significant improvements to the Take-My-Meds functionality within the MedAdvisor Android and iOS patient applications. These improvements include the ability to link medication to particular alerts, new scheduling options and a summary view of alerts due today. Please find further details below.

Linking Medication(s)

One or more medications can now be linked to a specific alert. The benefit of linking specific meds to alerts means that you can be reminded exactly which doses to take when the alert sounds. Please see Privacy Mode details below for further information.

The new Privacy Mode flag controls whether medication name(s) are included in Take-My-Meds alarms. Privacy Mode is switched 'on' by default, therefore medication names will not be included in alerts unless switched 'off'. The Privacy Mode switch is located within the Alert Settings section of the Take-My-Meds Setting tab.

New Scheduling Options

There are new scheduling options for Take-My-Meds alerts. These options include alert scheduling for specified day(s) of the week, every n days (i.e. every 30 days), daily, weekly, monthly and annual (yearly) alerts.

Summary of Alerts Due Today

The new Today tab within Take-My-Meds provides a list of all alerts scheduled for the respective day ahead.

For more information about Take-My-Meds, please view the detailed knowledge base article here.


A Create New Message button has been added to the Messages area. This button will create a message which may be sent to your pharmacy for review and response by the pharmacist.

This feature may be useful when requesting changes to Tap-To-Refill orders, or requesting additional non- Tap-To-Refill items from the pharmacy. Fill-My-Script, See-My-Doctor and New Medicine messages may also be responded to.

Demonstration Mode

The Android and iOS MedAdvisor applications now include a new demonstration (demo) mode. The new demo mode can be initiated by prospective patients from within the application.

The new demo mode can be easily initiated by tapping on the respective banner within the patient activation screen (shown below).

Demonstration accounts are read-only and will always contain the same patient and medication information, however they showcase the key features of MedAdvisor and will highlight the benefits of the application.

General Improvements

There are also a variety of general optimisations and bug fixes within MedAdvisor v3.0.