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MedAdvisor Version 2.2

MedAdvisor 2.2 was released on the 9th of May 2014.

MedAdvisor 2.2 includes a number of new features and enhancements to assist you in managing your medications more effectively.

Improved Visibility of Prescriptions Left on File

Prescriptions for new items (which have not previously been dispensed) will now appear on the Home screen of the application. These new items will be notated with a new Not Yet Supplied badge.

These items will also be available for order via Tap-To-Refill.

Changes to Home Screen

There have been changes to the logic of medication displayed on the Home screen. Medication with any available repeats remaining will be visible and available for Tap-To-Refill order, regardless of supply status. Previously items which had been marked as Finished or had No Supply for two months would be removed from view. Instead these items will be shown until the prescription expires. Medication with no repeats remaining and No Supply will be visible for up to two months, after which they will be hidden.

New Medication Notes Facility

MedAdvisor now allows you to record notes about any medication you are taking. The new Notes section can be found within the respective Medicine Details screen. The notes recorded in this section are private and will not be shown to your pharmacy, or anyone else.

Message Deletion

You are now able to delete messages from your Inbox. The messages may be deleted individually from within the message itself, or in bulk from the Inbox screen. Tapping Edit from the Messages screen will reveal a red delete icon.

Please note that message deletion is permanent; any messages deleted cannot be retrieved.

Take-My-Meds Reminder Enhancement - Monthly Reminders

MedAdvisor now allows you to set a monthly Take-My-Meds reminder for once monthly dosing regimens.

Pharmacy Search Criteria

The Pharmacy Search tool has a new feature which allows you to restrict the results to pharmacies which are presently trading (open). For example, if the filter is applied and you search for a nearby pharmacy at 8pm only pharmacies that are still open will appear within the results.