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MedAdvisor Version 2.0

MedAdvisor has a range of compelling new features for users in it's latest release.

MedAdvisor v2.0 Features

Tap-To-Refill Cart

Rather than order only one prescription at a time, the new dedicated Tap-To-Refill Cart screen allows the user to quickly choose multiple meds to order, and place a combined order with their pharmacy.  MedAdvisor intelligently suggests appropriate meds to order (e.g. those close to running out, with repeats remaining).

Notification Grouping

For users that are due to receive multiple notifications to their smartphone at the same time (e.g. three Fill-My-Script reminders on the same day), rather than send three separate notifications we’ll send one composite notification, e.g. “You have 3 important MedAdvisor messages.”.

Confirm Supply Visibility Improvements

Whenever MedAdvisor can’t definitively determine the supply of a new medicine added to a user’s records, it will suggest an estimated days’ supply, but ask the user to confirm. This is now more clearly indicated with a yellow question mark icon, including a Pharmacist Phil animation to explain.

New Look Email Messages

All messages sent via email, including Fill-My-Script and See-My-Doctor reminders, are formatted in a new visual style, including Pharmacist Phil images and direct links to the relevant part of the web application.


Other Enhancements

Option for longer alert tones for Take-My-Meds on iOS

New full screen alarm for Take-My-Meds on Android