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ASX Announcements

Following the successful reverse takeover of Exalt Resources Limited (ERD) by MedAdvisor International Pty Ltd on 12 November 2015; Exalt Resources Limited was readmitted to the official list as MedAdvisor Limited (MDR) on 1 December 2015.

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19th Nov 2015Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form - 235KB
17th Nov 2015Becoming a substantial holder - Swinnerton - 1375KB
16th Nov 2015Becoming a substantial holder - Romida - 1711KB
16th Nov 2015Becoming a substantial holder - Kojent - 515KB
16th Nov 2015Final Director's Interest Notice - Brockhurst - 184KB
16th Nov 2015Final Director's Interest Notice - Dykes - 185KB
16th Nov 2015Initial Director's Interest Notice - Swinnerton - 181KB
16th Nov 2015Initial Director's Interest Notice - Xenos - 181KB
16th Nov 2015Initial Director's Interest Notice - Read - 181KB
16th Nov 2015Change of Director's Interest Notice - Bennetto - 215KB
16th Nov 2015Appendix 3B - 254KB
16th Oct 2015ERD Settles over subscribed public offer - 125KB>
29th Oct 2015Extension of time to hold AGM - 116KB
28th Oct 2015Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report - 374KB
16th Oct 2015Closure of Oversubscribed Offer - 105KB
9th Oct 2015Exalt receives commitments of $5m in oversubscribed offer - 191KB
25th Sep 2015Results of General Meeting & MedAdvisor Update - 216KB
24th Sep 2015Suspension from Official Quotation - 258KB
24th Sep 2015MedAdvisor Investor Presentation - 3.2MB
8th Sep 2015Prospectus (138 pages) - 3.0MB
7th Sep 2015MedAdvisor enters strategic partnership with Apotex (2 pages) - 229KB
26th Aug 2015Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (108 pages) - 988KB
25th Aug 2015Appendix 4G (12 pages) - 442KB
25th Aug 2015Annual Report to shareholders (53 pages) - 1977KB
29th Jul 2015Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report (8 pages) - 452KB
27th Jul 2015Exalt Raises $200,000 through Convertible Loans (1 page) - 148KB
1st Jul 2015MedAdvisor bolsters management team with appointment of CEO (3 pages) - 158KB
11th Jun 2015Exalt to acquire MedAdvisor International Pty Ltd (8 pages) - 213KB
10th Jun 2015Trading Halt - 330KB
5th May 2015Final Director's Interest Notice - 266KB
5th May 2015Initial Director's Interest Notice - 180KB
4th May 2015Change in Registered office and Director Movements - 151KB
29th Apr 2015March 2015 Quarterly Reports - 323KB
16th Mar 2015Half Year Accounts - 168KB
30th Jan 2015December 2014 Quarterly Report - 324KB
11th Dec 2014Appendix 3Y - 217KB
11th Dec 2014Appendix 3Y - 217KB
11th Dec 2014Appendix 3Y - 218KB
11th Dec 2014Amended Appendix 3B - 604KB
10th Dec 2014Appendix 3B - 604KB
27th Nov 2014AGM RESULTS - 183KB
30th Oct 2014Quarterly Activities / Cashflow Report - 322KB
28th Oct 2014Proxy Form - 340KB
28th Oct 2014Notice of 2014 AGM - 309KB
30th Sep 2014Annual Report to shareholders - 7404KB
21st Aug 2014Appendix 3B - 605KB
21st Aug 2014Share Purchase Plan Shortfall Placement - 312KB
31st Jul 2014Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report - 324KB
17th Jul 2014Appendix 3B - 605KB
9th Jul 2014Change of Registered Office - 42KB
11th Jun 2014Appendix 3B - 608KB
10th Jun 2014Completion of SPP - 186KB
26th May 2014Extension of Closing Date of SPP - 194KB
14th May 2014Extension of SPP Closing Date - 194KB
30th Apr 2014Quarterly Activities Report - 404KB
24th Apr 2014SPP Application Form - 329KB
24th Apr 2014Share Purchase Plan - 353KB
24th Apr 2014Cleansing Notice - 65KB
23rd Apr 2014ERD to undertake a Share Purchase Plan - 290KB
12th Mar 2014Half Yearly Report and Accounts - 2056KB
13th Feb 2014Addendum to Quarterly Activities Report - 202KB
31st Jan 2014Quarterly Activities and Cashflow reports - 469KB
31st Jan 2014Asset Impairment - 148KB
16th Jan 2014Brooklyn Iron Project - Drilling Results - 768KB
6th Dec 2013Appendix 3B - 607KB
3rd Dec 2013Initial Directors Interest - 189KB
28th Nov 2013Final Director's Interest Notice - 232KB
28th Nov 2013Board Movements - 100KB
28th Nov 20132013 AGM Results - 96KB
28th Nov 2013AGM presentation - 91KB
26th Nov 2013Final Director's Interest Notice - 92KB
25th Nov 2013Resignation of Director - 99KB
14th Nov 2013Appendix 3B - 632KB
12th Nov 2013Retirement of Director Edward Lee - 251KB
5th Nov 2013Release of Securites from Escrow - Amended - 103KB
5th Nov 2013Securities to be released from escrow - 104KB
28th Oct 2013Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - 352KB
2nd Oct 2013Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form - 834KB
3rd Oct 2013Appendix 3B - 616KB
30th Sep 2013Annual Report to shareholders - 1679KB
5th Sep 2013Appendix 3Z - 187KB
17th Sep 2013CEO/Managing Director Resignation - 32KB
5th Sep 2013Appendix 3Z - 187KB
2nd Sep 2013Chairman Resignation - 102KB
31st Aug 2013Quarterly Activities Report - 497KB
29th Aug 2013Initial Director's Interest Notice - 69KB
23rd Jul 2013Director Appointment - 34KB
05th Jun 2013Appendix 3B - 695KB
17th May 2013Change of Directors Interest Notice - 113KB
14th May 2013Appendix 3B - 508KB
9th May 2013Change of Director's Interest Notice - 215KB
9th May 2013Securities to be released from escrow - 103KB
7th May 2013Response to ASX Price and Volume Query - 238KB
26th Apr 2013Quarterly Activities Report - 153KB
24th Apr 2013Encouraging Results from Mineral Hill South - 693KB
2nd Apr 2013Company Update - 222KB
14th Mar 2013Half Yearly Report and Accounts - 4431KB
25th Feb 2013Change of Registered Office - 34KB
30th Jan 2013Quarterly Activities Report - 151KB
7th Dec 2012Appendix 3Y - 305KB
5th Dec 2012Appendix 3B - 547KB
4th Dec 2012Appendix 3X x 4 - 237KB
4th Dec 2012Appendix 3Z x 2 - 225KB
4th Dec 2012Board and Share Subscription Update - 183KB
30th Nov 2012Results of AGM 2012 - 118KB
30th Nov 2012AGM / UK Roadshow Investor Presentation - 1013KB
30th Nov 2012Chairman's Address AGM 2012 - 166KB
30th Nov 2012AGM 2012 Presentation - 229KB
28th Nov 2012Becoming a substantial holder - 76KB
27th Nov 2012Statement of Escrowed Securities - 178KB
27th Nov 2012General Statements and Information - 123KB
27th Nov 2012Statement of Financial Position and Commitments - 291KB
27th Nov 2012Distribution Schedules and Top 20 Holders - 190KB
27th Nov 2012Appendix 1A - ASX Listing application and agreement - 665KB
27th Nov 2012Pre-reinstatement Disclosure - 78KB
27th Nov 2012Reinstatement to Official Quotation: 28/11/2012 - 81KB
27th Nov 2012ASX Circular - Reinstatement to Official List - 108KB
23th Nov 2012Ceasing to be a substantial holder - 41KB
23th Nov 2012Appendix 3Y x 3 - 277KB
22th Nov 2012Becoming a substantial holder - 65KB
21th Nov 2012Appendix 3B - 492KB
16th Nov 2012Successful Capital Raising - 35KB
31st Oct 2012Quarterly Cash Flow and Activities Report - 391KB
30th Oct 20122012 AGM Proxy Form - 792KB
30th Oct 20122012 AGM Notice of Meeting - 273KB
24th Oct 2012Exalt Supplementary Prospectus (Clearer copy) - 836KB
24th Oct 2012Supplementary Prospectus - 791KB
23rd Oct 2012Appendix 3X - 186KB
22nd Oct 2012Bill Moss becomes Chairman of Exalt Resources - 90KB
18th Oct 2012ASX Waiver granted - 111KB
9th Sep 2012Capital Raise Update - 34KB
28th Aug 2012Annual Report to shareholders - 15899KB
21st Sep 2012Capital Raise Update - 92KB
7th Sep 2012Investor Presentation - 1234KB
7th Sep 2012Annexure to Prospectus - 3754KB
7th Sep 2012Prospectus to Raise up to $20M - 15828KB
24th Aug 2012Suspension from Official Quotation - 170KB
24th Aug 2012Results of EGM - 45KB
24th Aug 2012Trading Halt - 171KB
23rd Aug 2012Exalt to Appoint Two New Directors - 48KB
31st Jul 2012Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Reports - 598KB
25th Jul 2012Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form - 372KB
25th Jul 2012Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form - 7312KB
24th Jul 2012Company Update Presentation - 1230KB
24th Jul 2012Exalt Signs Sale and Purchase with ODNI - 493KB
04th Jun 2012Change of Director`s Interest Notice - 216KB
31st May 2012s.708A Cleansing Notice - 409KB
31st May 2012Appendix 3B - 362KB
9th May 2012Exalt to undertake Share Placement - 212KB
3rd May 2012Appendix 3X - 179KB
3rd May 2012Exalt Appoints Leading Senior Coal Executive - 355KB
30th Apr 2012Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - 408KB
5th Apr 2012Exalt to Enter Coal Industry - 967KB
13th Mar 2012Half Year Accounts - 4839KB
6th Feb 2012Appendix 3B - 452KB
6th Feb 2012Release of Options from Escrow - 256KB
31st Jan 2012Quarterly Activities Report - 1430KB
24th Jan 2012Appendix 3B - 453KB
19th Dec 2011Mineral Hill Exploration Results Update - 747KB
29th Nov 2011Change of Contact Details - 263KB
29th Nov 20112011 Annual General Meeting Results - 362KB
29th Nov 20112011 AGM Presentation - 1534KB
28th Oct 2011Quarterly Activities Report - 1251KB
19th Oct 2011Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form - 549KB
29th Sep 2011Annual Report to shareholders - 2065KB
19th Sep 2011Drilling Commences at Mineral Hill South - 618KB
31st Aug 2011Appendix 3B - 87KB
31st Aug 2011Release of Options from Escrow - 67KB
28th Jul 2011Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report - 591KB
22nd Jul 2011Change of Share Registry Details - 69KB
18th Jul 2011IP Anomalies Revealed at Mineral Hill South - 516KB
4th Jul 2011Becoming a substantial holder - 197KB
15th Jun 2011Commencement of exploration on Mineral Hill South - 170KB
30th May 2011Initial Director`s Interest Notice - 47KB
25th May 2011Updated Share Registry details - 303KB
25th May 2011Terms and conditions of Option Scheme - 174KB
25th May 2011Securities Trading Policy - 204KB
25th May 2011Corporate Governance Statement - 528KB
25th May 2011Escrow Statement - 311KB
25th May 2011Top 20 Holders - 73KB
25th May 2011Distribution Schedules - 15KB
25th May 2011Constitution - 542KB
25th May 2011Appendix 1A - 968KB
25th May 2011Pre-Quotation Disclosure - 26KB
25th May 2011ASX Circular - Admission and Commencement of Quotation - 28KB
24th May 2011Admission to Official List - 25KB
23th May 2011Exalt Resources Limited Prospectus - 2507KB