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Script History

Browse details of all your prescriptions and past repeat dispenses.

MedAdvisor provides you with a complete view of all your current and historic prescriptions for each prescription medication. The Scripts & Repeats area of Medicine Details provides a complete picture of your current scripts (i.e. those that can still be dispensed from).

For each script you'll see:

  • the medication name, type and strength
  • the number of repeats left
  • the script expiry date
  • the script status: New (unused), Active (has been used), Finished (no repeats left), Expired, etc.

The same information can also be seen for your historic scripts, i.e. old scripts that have been completely consumed or have expired. Just tap Load Prescription History.

Each script entry can be expanded to show the individual dispense instances, including the location, date and quantity dispensed by your pharmacy every time you’ve had that script filled.